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7th Annual Rooftop Campout Raises $40,000

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
7th Annual Rooftop Campout Raises $40,000

Five Fort McMurray firefighters are back on the ground after taking part in the 7th annual Rooftop Campout.

The group lived on top of the Tim Horton’s in Eagle Ridge for 75 hours last week raising over $40, 000 for five local social profits.

The original campout was set for April, but due to the passing of a member of the department – it was pushed to May.

Charity Committee member Scott Germain tells Mix News the warm weather also added a new dynamic to the campout.

“There was no shade up there so I guess the weather almost hit us in a funny way. With colder weather, you can put on warmer clothes and deal with it. When it’s too hot and there is no shade – you really couldn’t deal with it. That’s one thing that kind of threw us through a loop there.”

Because of the delay of the event, firefighters may have found a unique way to commemorate the greatest disaster in Fort McMurray’s history.

This year’s campout also fell on the anniversary of the Horse River Wildfire – something Germain says they’d like to make into a tradition.

“I think the fact we’re up there during May 3, it kind of gives the community a chance to come together and talk to us and ask us questions up there. So, I think in future, going forward we might look at that date as a permanent spot for this campout.”

The 2018 total fell just shy of last year’s near $47,000 despite the event being shortened by 25 hours.

The five organizations receiving the funds include Waypoints, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club, the Centre of Hope and Fort McMurray SPCA.