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Did Eminem Die?!?!?!?!

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Did Eminem Die?!?!?!?!

If you remember back in 2017 a similar story was brought to my attention and that was that¬†Avril Lavigne died and her label replaced her with a look alike… Well now there is another one!

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Yes, the latest celebrity that has “died” is the one and only Eminem!¬†Here is the Eminem death conspiracy theory.

Before we dive on in, we need to back track a little….

The Illuminati
I mean we all know what it is, it’s basically known to have high powered secret intelligence and the theories that the illuminati are behind most of the worlds biggest events. The main thing around the Illuminati is that Hollywood and celebrities are controlled by it.
Cloning Celebrities
There was that famous moment where Tupac was digitized into a hologram and projected onto a stage. This, of course, sparked a lot of talk, is he isn’t really dead and if his hologram is technology that we are being shown, who else has been an hologram without us knowing.
Now lets get to the real story here, Eminem…

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Eminem Goes To Rehab
So Eminem supposedly went to rehab for a sleeping pill addiction and then resurfaced into the world about four years later, and people are saying that he is looking like a completely different person almost younger and with different facial features.

(To me he looks like someone that got their act together)

We all know what Eminem rapped about right? He had controversial music where he called out a lot of people and was not afraid to be open about his opinions on everything. Some think that The Illuminati did not like this at all and his “sleeping pill” addiction turned out to be a way for the secret agency to get rid of him.
His supposed death happened in 2006, four years later he resurfaced in Hollywood, again people think he looks completely different. Theories suggest that this “new Eminem” isn’t human at all, that he was just created by the Illuminati to put the rapper back in the spotlight!
Because of the internet, people where able to track down pics of the rapper and can bring to light the “evidence” that his face is completely different in structure than it used to be.
Another piece of “evidence” is that his voice is different. They are saying that his new music sounds different. Some say it sounds like a producer hacked and sliced his old recordings to create new music without having to actually record his voice. Eminem’s most recent music stunt was his freestyle rap dissing president Donald Trump, which went viral within hours! They say that his stunt is the work of The Illuminati so we don’t suspect anything…
The fact of the matter is, this is all aconspiracy. There is no actual evidence that any of these celebrity theories are true. If anything it just proves that people 1) have too much time on their hands and 2) will believe anything!
But it does make you wonder, in everything, there is a kernel of truth, have people started to uncover something….

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