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Former Mayor Melissa Blake Named To Senate Appointment Committee

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Former Mayor Melissa Blake Named To Senate Appointment Committee

Mayor Melissa Blake hearing delegates during council on June 14, 2016

Former Mayor Melissa Blake now has a hand in choosing who will become Canada’s next Senators.

Acting Minister of Democratic Institutions Scott Brison announced earlier this month, Blake, along with nine other people have been named to the Independent Advisory Board – a group who will advise the Prime Minister on Senate nominations.

Blake is also one of three serving as a two-year federal member.

“It’s been a long process but an incredible honor when I was actually appointed to realize I’m one of three federal representatives that are apart of creating the shortlist of candidates for recommendation to the prime minister,” Blake tells Mix News.

Blake says she received a call from the Privy Council Office about her interest to serve on the board after October’s municipal election. She’s already been to Ottawa once for orientation and notes work is already underway to fill the 12 vacant Senate seats.

“That means there’s an awful lot of candidates that we are going through the review process on. We’ll come together again, and as I say, we’ll try to come to a conciliatory approach in determining which of the representatives on each of these long lists which would potentially be forwarded for consideration.”

Since fall’s municipal election Blake has also been named to the Council of the Alberta Order of Excellence.