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Alberta Restricting Oil and Gas Exports

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Alberta Restricting Oil and Gas Exports

Premier Notley and Minister McCuaig-Boyd announce new legislation giving Alberta the power to control the oil and gas resources that belong to all Albertans // GOA

The government of Alberta is introducing new legislation that will give the province the power it needs to restrict oil and gas exports.

This is another step in its on-going Trans Mountain pipeline dispute with British Columbia.

If passed, the ‘Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act’ would give the province authority to force any company exporting energy products from Alberta to require a license – issued by the Minister of Energy.

Margaret McCuaig-Boyd says this will give them strategic control over their energy resources.

“We said all along there would be no surprises for our energy sector and we’ve engaged them throughout the process – that includes meetings with many, many industry members and organizations this past Friday to engage them in what we’re doing and why.”

Premier Rachel Notley says this bill will give Albertan’s greater control of their resources.

“As I said in the past, this legislation will be there if Alberta needs it,” she said. “I remain confident that we will not have to use it but I’m also making sure that we are ready with every tool at our disposal.”

Companies who don’t apply may face fines up to $10 million per day.

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