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Dunvegan Gardens Responds To Inspection’s Claims Of Contaminated Water And Electrical Issues

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Dunvegan Gardens Responds To Inspection's Claims Of Contaminated Water And Electrical Issues

Dunvegan Gardens is speaking out against allegations regarding contaminated water and electrical issues in their greenhouse.

On Thursday, officers inspected the area and said they found evidence of water being contaminated with animal feces, fertilizers and other chemicals.

VP of Operations at Dunvegan Brad Friesen held a press conference Saturday, to dispel some of the reports surrounding the community’s only garden market.

Friesen tells Mix News rumours of chemicals going into the cistern and polluting the water are somewhat exaggerated.

VP of Operations at Dunvegan, Brad Friesen Prepares To Speak To Media On Saturday

“The issue is more related to a seal on one of the vents. It was basically trickling down water and the water was trickling down onto one of the walls in one of the vault rooms and it was staying in the vault room, it was not actually going back into the watering system.”

Friesen says the inspection came at an inconvenient time for Dunvegan – who’ve been trying to acquire proper permits through council for over a year.

After getting 15 thousand signatures on their petition last year to keep DVG, Friesen says it’s obvious to him that Dunvegan is a valuable commodity to the community.

“That’s what keeps us here,” Friesen said. “A lot of people have said ‘for all you’ve been through, we’re surprised you’re still here,’ to me, we’re here for the people. So, to me, when safety issues come about, yes – let’s fix those issues. Why? Because without people coming out here, what are we? We are nothing.”

Friesen says if DVG has their heating and water shut off for the greenhouse, it would mean a fiscal loss of around $300-400,000.

A public hearing for Dunvegan is scheduled for May 8, so people from the community can give their two cents on why they feel or why they don’t feel the garden has a place in the RMWB.

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