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Wood Buffalo Food Bank Releases “Lesson’s Learned” Report

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Wood Buffalo Food Bank Releases "Lesson's Learned" Report

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank has released a “Lesson’s Learned” document relating to the 2016 wildfire.

Over the last eight months, the Food Bank has been working on an evaluative project to improve response and business continuity should another disaster occur.

The idea is to shine a light on the importance of social profit organizations and the important role that food banks play in communities.

Executive Director Arianna Johnson tells Mix News several stakeholders suggested food banks are imperative when it comes to re-entry following a disaster.

“The evacuation itself was taking non-vulnerable people and making them vulnerable and being able to alleviate that stress from them was definitely beneficial. While on the flipside, other people felt that the vulnerable people shouldn’t have come back to town before the town was fully sustainable again.”

33 stakeholders and anonymous clients took part in a survey to help understand the food bank’s priorities during times like in May of 2016.

Johnson says there was overwhelming response regarding what primary needs are when a disaster occurs.

“Our stakeholders really talked about the fact that food, shelter, and clothing have to be taken care of before anything else is addressed. Without those baseline needs, you can’t really focus on anything else.”

You can check out the report online at

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