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Local Group Launches 12-Year Plan To Eliminate Fatalities On Area Roads

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Local Group Launches 12-Year Plan To Eliminate Fatalities On Area Roads

Safe Community Wood Buffalo is working to put an end to fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways.

The group recently launched a 12-year Vision Zero Road Safety Plan with a goal of reducing traffic-related deaths by 2030.

Vision Zero was developed in Sweden in the late 1990’s.

Impact Youth Coordinator Melanie Murrin tells Mix News before reaching their goal in 2030 – they’re starting with three smaller ones.

“For 2020, we’re actually working with the Public and Catholic school board and we’re hoping to ensure that we have uniformed school zones where all our school zones are properly marked and labelled with proper signage on the roads and that crosswalks are installed everywhere.”

Then by 2025, Murrin hopes there’s a greater compliance with proper car seat installation and to see an increase in speed and photo radars around Fort McMurray.

Other parts of the plan include expanding more lanes to get cyclists off the road and monitoring high collision areas – which will help them determine where changes in infrastructure need to be made.

Murrin notes they will be working with the municipality, RCMP, and other groups to accomplish this.

However, she says there needs to be a change in driver behaviour first.

“It’s 100 per cent preventable and that’s why we don’t call them accidents. It’s not an accident, it’s a collision or it’s a crash. A lot of it is driver behaviour and if we can change that we can change the world.”

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