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Local MLA ‘Disappointed’ with Provincial Budget

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Local MLA 'Disappointed' with Provincial Budget

The province’s 2018 budget isn’t sitting too well with a local politician.

On Thursday, the provincial government released their financial report which included a big emphasis on creating jobs and diversifying the economy.

MLA for Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo Tany Yao tells Mix News it was ‘disappointing’ to see the NDP’s continue to ‘spend a lot of money.’

“We’re going to be $96 billion in debt – that’s a tough number to swallow.”

The province is saying the deficit, which sits at $8.8 billion, will be balanced in five years.

As for the RMWB, he says he was hoping for more investment.

Right now, the budget does include $56 million to twin the section of Highway 63 from Grasslands to Fort McMurray.

“Our region produces so much of the revenue for this province, I truly believe we should be getting more invested in here, we need twinning north of our community¬† – we need more investment for sure.”

Local senior facilities and Keyano College are each getting funds – something Yao says he’s happy to see.

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