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FMCSD Introducing New Programs Supporting Parents and Younger Students

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
FMCSD Introducing New Programs Supporting Parents and Younger Students

Photo by: Brandon Piper

Two new programs are looking to support the younger students in the Fort McMurray Catholic School District.

Starting next school year, the FMCSD will be starting up their ‘Kindercare’ program.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Board Chair Paula Galenzoski says this will help parents who find it hard to get their kids to and from childcare.

“It proves to be a challenge for people and the logistics are hard, so we’re trying to alleviate that little bit of stress for some people who want to have their children in those programs.”

The program will allow students to attend kindergarten for half the day and spend the remaining hours with a childcare professional.

The idea is to eliminate additional steps for parents who spend a lot of their time dropping off and picking up their children.

Not every school will be offering ‘Kindercare’ in September. The pilot project will be at St. Kateri School.

Meanwhile, people who think half-day kindergarten isn’t long enough can now have their children spend some extra hours at school.

The district will be starting up their ‘Optional Full Day Kindergarten’ program.

Galenzoski says this should help parents who are having trouble with finding or affording childcare.

“Since the wildfire, childcare has been a continuous conversation in the community – cost, availability, availability of childcare staff, so we just took a look at what we could offer.”

She adds they’ve heard from many parents who’ve been asking for a program like this.

Starting in September, Father Beauregard, Good Shepherd, St Gabriel, and Elsie Yanik Catholic School will offer the full-day initiative.

People interested in registering their children can contact the FMCSD.

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