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Frustrated Parents Voice Concerns Over Possible Greely Road School Closure

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Frustrated Parents Voice Concerns Over Possible Greely Road School Closure

A parent of a Greely Road student addresses the board at Monday's meeting

The future of Greely Road Public School remains up in the air.

On Monday night, the Fort McMurray Public School District held a meeting for parents to voice their concerns about the facility possibly closing due to declining enrollment.

Superintendent Doug Nicholls tells Mix News many passionate residents spoke from the heart as to why they feel the school should stay open.

“The parents were given some information tonight. Some info they agreed with and some of which they didn’t, but that is part of the process. Looking at a possible school closure is a very difficult task for everyone. The parents, the kids and as well the board who have the final decision.”

Many parents and residents voiced their opinions as well as discussed possible alternatives.

Beacon Hill Public School is being looked at as a possibility, as there would be sufficient space for all students if Greely Road did close.

Nicholls says there are many factors the board will need to consider keeping the school’s doors open.

“Including the input we received tonight, they’d have to look at the program ramifications for keeping the school or moving it, they would have to look at the financial ramifications, they’d have to look at the long-term future of the school to see if enrollment could actually go up and be sustainable.”

He adds this won’t be the last opportunity for parents to give their input.

“And also, individual and independent meetings with district and administration. So, the final decision will come in April. By that point, we’ll see what the board does.”

The special board meeting at the FMPSD District Office on April 16 will give parents a chance to voice their concerns one last time before a final decision is made.

A final decision is expected to be made on April 25.


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