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This is Real: Super Seducer

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
This is Real: Super Seducer

Not only is this ‘educational’ FMV game actually a real thing that you can buy on Steam today (and on PS4 for some reason), this is ACTUALLY the official trailer for the game…

A skeazy trust-fund baby scrub is exactly who I would turn to first for advice on seducing women. Especially one who clearly spent all of the game’s budget on hiring sex workers to lay around and work on their broken English (he’s a saint, really..). And perfectly timed to get the maximum amount of backlash from the #MeToo/Time’s Up/Nerver Again movements.

To help wash that taste out of your mouth, here’s VideoGameDunkey trying his best to become the master seducer. And brutally roasting this ridiculous title at every turn in the process.


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