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Community Art Project Vandalized At Wood Buffalo Food Bank

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Community Art Project Vandalized At Wood Buffalo Food Bank

Photo courtesy: Wood Buffalo Food Bank

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank’s Community Art Project has been defaced by vandals.

The Food Bank announced Tuesday, they believe the mural was tagged sometime between the evening of March 2 and the morning of March 6.

The piece was painted by local artist Liam Renner in 2017 to showcase local talent, beautify the area and represent the fight against food insecurity in the RMWB.

WBFB Executive Director Arianna Johnson tells Mix News it’s an unfortunate sign of the lack of respect these vandals have toward the community.

“It’s obviously frustrating,” Johnson said. “Because we try really hard to support all the people in our community. Whether it be through food itself, volunteerism, community service hours or education or whatever it is. It’s really hard to justify doing anything like this.”

The cost of repairs is unknown at this point, but Johnson believes the mural will be fixed sometime in the spring.

She feels defacing any art project – especially that of a charitable organization – is not a good look.

“One bad apple is spoiling the bunch for all these artists who’ve worked so hard to get their art accepted and put out publicly as part of the community. And I think that’s the really unfortunate part, is the damage it does to that relationship between artists and the community itself.”

Johnson hopes to see law come down hard on the perpetrator.

“We are a community organization, funded and supported by this community and we will not sit idly by and allow people or someone to treat our property and resources this way and to deface another artist’s work.”

Police have been made aware of the incident – but anyone with information is asked to contact Wood Buffalo RCMP.