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Province Rules To Uphold Ban On Random Testing Of RMWB Suncor Employees

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Province Rules To Uphold Ban On Random Testing Of RMWB Suncor Employees

It looks like Suncor workers in the region won’t be subject to random drug and alcohol testing anytime soon.

The Alberta Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday they would be upholding an injunction on random testing of Suncor employees who work in the RMWB.

The injunction was granted at Unifor Local 707A’s request on December 15 of last year.

The oil giant and Unifor have been at odds over the testing since 2012 – and Unifor National President Jerry Dias says they feel there’s insufficient evidence to prove random testing improves worker safety.

“Without violating workers’ basic rights, high levels of workplace safety with education and prevention can be achieved,” Dias said in a release.

As a result, Unifor has filed for leave to appeal upholding an arbitration board’s ban on random testing through the Supreme Court of Canada.

President of Unifor Local 707A Ken Smith notes that virtually every workplace incident at Suncor has been followed up with tests.

“Suncor employees are already subjected to more alcohol and drug testing than Alberta’s drivers,” Smith said.

In comparison, police can only ask a driver to submit a drug or alcohol test if they have reasonable belief that the operator is impaired.

The union adds that random testing infringes on the rights of their workers to privacy, respect, bodily integrity and dignity.

The injunction will now be in place while Unifor looks to move the case to the Supreme Court of Canada or they get another arbitration ruling.

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