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Possible Villains For “Black Panther 2”

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Kendrick Lamar recently in an interview said he’d want to play the villain in the next Black Panther movie and that got me thinking, who will be the villain in Black Panther 2? It probably won’t be Kendrick Lamar (sorry Kendrick) but let’s see some possible options.

1. Malice

Lupita Nyongo absolutely killed it as Nakia in Black Panther but what some may not know is that she has found herself on the opposing side of T’challa in the past. In the comics, she was removed from the Dora Milaje for trying to murder T’challas girlfriend Monica Lynne. After suffering through many hardships she is found left for dead by Erik Killmonger who brings her back and grants her inhuman powers using The Resurrection Altar. She is then sent after The Black Panther for vengeance under the name of Malice. Obviously with the story laid out by the first film many parts of this origin story wouldn’t work and seeing Lupita Nyongo in the role of a villain would be very strange but having Malice be the villain of the next movie is absolutely possible.

2. Mephisto

Now I won’t lie I don’t have the best movie idea for this character but with his iconic history with Black Panther, he is absolutely an option. Mephisto is basically Marvels version of Satan and acts very much accordingly. In one storyline Mephisto kidnapped CIA agent Everett Ross who had become close friends with T’challa (played by Martin Short in the recent film). Instead of pleading with Mephisto and begging for his friend’s life he took Mephisto on in hand to hand combat and tore out his heart. Considering characters like Doctor Strange have found their way into the MCU we know the supernatural exists in the movies meaning the Black Panther fighting the Devil himself is something we could definitely see in the next few years. Not sure if I could see Kendrick Lamar in the roll though…

3. M’baku

M’baku played a complicated character in Black Panther. He was both T’challas rival and greatest ally. Having him move back to the dark side in Black Panther 2 is something I could easily see happening. M’baku The Great Gorilla is the leader of the Jabari Tribe in Wakandas mountain region. The Jabari are very traditionalist and have a very militaristic society built on strength and self-reliance and they have always been at odds with the core tribes. This was shown fairly clearly in the recent film but not his obsession with the past and the destruction of T’challa was not. In one of his most prominent story arcs M’baku traveled to New York to take on T’challa on a mission abroad teaming up with other villains and causing widespread destruction. In the end, it was Captain America who stopped M’baku for good. If Black Panther 2 wants to both explore the history of Wakanda further while having it take place in more well-known places a similar storyline could easily be followed with already present characters.

4. Namor

Namor is a very strange character and one Kendrick Lamar could feasibly play. Namor The Sub-Mariner leads the extremely militaristic society of Atlantis in Marvel comics. He’s like evil and cooler Aquaman. Namor is probably the most likely villain for the next film as he is responsible for one of the most tragic events to ever appear on the pages of Black Panther comics; he once sent a giant tidal wave to annihilate Wakanda and it’s people causing the deaths of thousands and leaving Wakanda a giant graveyard. Having this event be the catalyst for the second movie would be heart-wrenching and would also make a man dressed like Namor actually intimidating. Plus, wouldn’t you pay money to see Kendrick Lamar in that outfit?


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