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Man steals uncles dentures and sells them

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

When someone owns you money how you do ask for it? I usually only owe money to my family but even then I’m chill if I don’t get anything back right? Not this dude!

I can’t decide if this is the grossest online advertisement, best revenge ever or just an hilarious joke but either way it’s one of the greatest stories I have ever read!

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Byron Naskathey posted “his uncle’s dentures” up for sale on the OFFICIAL YELLOWKNIFE CLASSIFIEDS & NETWORK GROUP  with the caption, “Selling my uncle’s full teeth set. Only worn three times. Only reason for selling is he owes me money so i took his teeth. Serious inquiries only.”

Photo: Byron Naskathey / Facebook 


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