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Norfort Gymnasts Look To Make Fort McMurray Proud At Winter Games

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Norfort Gymnasts Look To Make Fort McMurray Proud At Winter Games

A couple of Fort McMurray gymnasts are set to perform in front of the home crowd.

11-year-old’s Myra Emblau and Kyla Francis both hail from Norfort Gymnastics and after some recent competitions – both qualified for the Alberta Winter Games.

The girls say they’ve been training almost everyday for the competition.

Both are looking forward to having fun in front of friends and family but also have their eyes set on the podium.

Myra tells Mix News she’s already feeling the excitement of performing in front of a hometown crowd.

“I was really excited and happy because the games are going to be here and I love competing here like we did at provincials. It’s really fun and sometimes your friends can watch you.”

Kyla meanwhile, who earned first place at the qualifying stage, says she’s looking forward to trying on her team’s elegant leotards.

“We also just got to choose our suits for the games and there were three options, we chose a shiny blue one. They have short sleeves and are dark blue. They also have rhinestones in the middle. It’s almost like a v-neck.”

Kyla and Myra each have set lofty expectations for themselves, with both seeing gymnastics in their long term futures and both setting their sights on Olympic ambition.

“I hope to make it to the Olympics one day and when I’m older, I want to do college gymnastics at UCLA in California,” Myra said.”

Kyla says the games are just the first step to reaching the Olympics but first, she will look to lock down a solid routine in front of the home crowd.

“I want to have straight legs, pointed toes and be really tight to have fun. I want to make sure my legs straight because my coach is always telling me to straighten them,” laughed Kyla. “I think that’s my number one problem is my legs.”

The games run from February 16-19.

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