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Man Fired After He Used Potato Chip Bag To Ditch Work

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

The headline alone caught my eye, why wouldn’t it, but this is a story!!!!

So all employees at his company are required to use a personal display assistant or PDA, that was supposed to be able to track his location when they are  on the job. However, he found a way around what he calls  a problem!

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 So he found a creative away around that…He discovered that placing his PDA in a potato chip bag would mask the signal using the foil from the packaging, and he did this 140 times!!! HE USED A POTATO CHIP BAG TO DITCH WORK 140 TIMES!!!
At first he tired to say that his device had a glitch, but when someone reviewed his case realized that it wasn’t a glitch, he was playing hooky work!
He was obviously fired from work, I feel like he should have been given a warning… it was a creative way to get out work!!!

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