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Burst Pipes Affecting Businesses Across Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Burst Pipes Affecting Businesses Across Fort McMurray

Damage at Aurora Training // Rebecca Dion

The recent cold temperatures are causing pipes across Fort McMurray to burst.

The lower level of the Morrison Centre is suffering some water damage after a pipe broke early in the new year, affecting multiple businesses including a couple of doctor offices.

Aurora Training was one of the harder hit businesses, suffering severe damage after water poured through their ceiling tiles.

“Most of the units on the lower level of the Morrison Centre had major damage but our’s is almost completely destroyed,” said Everett Dion, Co-Owner of Aurora┬áTraining.

Dion notes their entrance way, training area, and storage space were all affected resulting in most of their equipment being damaged.

The cost of the damage is unknown at this time as Dion says they are still in talks with their insurance company.

“This is something we were hoping would never happen to us.”

For the time being, Dion says they are looking for a temporary space to operate.

Meanwhile, the Morrison Centre isn’t the only building experiencing burst pipes. Stoneycreek Plaza and the River City Centre were reportedly facing similar circumstances.

One of the harder hit businesses was Foto Source.

Just like Aurora, water came flowing down through the roof, affecting a few stores.

Owner Dan Sorensen tells Mix News the water affected many of their valuable and expensive equipment.

“A lot of the things are fairly high ticket items with respect to cameras, photo labs. photocopiers, computers, and anything else. Whatever didn’t get hit from the top, when the water hit the floor it started to work its way up.”

Damage at Foto Source // Dan Sorensen

Though still in talks with their insurance, Sorensen says he expects costs to be well over $100,000.

In the businesses 26 years of operations, they’ve dealt with numerous incidents, however, nothing to the extent of this damage.

“In our mall, there are a lot of professional types of businesses above us that would have sinks and hot water tanks and things like that and if one thing fails it only goes one way and that’s down, so this is probably the worst it’s hit us.”

In an email, the municipality notes they’ve yet to receive any calls about these pipe situations, however, they are prepared to assist or respond to any such issue if needed.