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Annual ‘Ride For Hope’ Canceled After Founder Suffers Stroke

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Annual 'Ride For Hope' Canceled After Founder Suffers Stroke

An annual ride aimed at helping the homeless across the region is being canceled.

For the past 11 years, ATV riders took part in the “Ride for Hope” traveling the winter roads to raise awareness for the Centre of Hope.

This year’s event is being canceled after the founder Ken Krahn suffered a stroke earlier this year.

Executive Director of the Centre of Hope Amanda Holloway tells Mix News they were looking forward to the funds but the ride comes second behind Krahn’s health.

“We’ve been so appreciative of Ken and every single who goes out on that ride with him and it’s sort of a thing we’ve always expect every year, so once I got the call, Ken called me personally, to let me know what had happened my first instinct was, of course, concern for Ken.”

Last year, the riders rode all the way up to Hay River over a two-day stretch. In that time, they were able to raise $13,000 bringing the 11-year total to over $100,000.

Holloway says in the past the money was used to buy winter jackets, toques, mitts, and other winter clothing for the homeless.

“The money will be greatly missed.”

Participant Hans Zundell says it’s a little disappointing as the ride is a great way to raise awareness for the homeless issue.

“We say its cold when we go outside but we have remote starts for our cars, we get out of our warm car into a mall that’s warm, we have a warm bed to sleep in.”

He adds he started participating so he could better understand what any homeless person would go through on a night during the winter.

Even though the ride isn’t happening, Krahn is still asking people to send donations directly to the Centre of Hope so they can buy these supplies and continue there support for the less fortunate.

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