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Tree Removal Big Priority for Recovery Task Force in 2018

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Tree Removal Big Priority for Recovery Task Force in 2018

2017 isn’t quite over but the Recovery Task Force is already well organized to start, finish, and continue projects helping the community move forward from the Horse River Wildfire.

A big chunk of the projects will focus on trees – specifically tree removal in Abasand, Beacon Hill, and Wood Buffalo.

“A lot of those burnt trees that you see that are dead and standing, the ones that are kind of the spikes, we’re going to be taking a lot of those outs,” said Jordan Redshaw, Communications Strategist with the RMWB.

He notes this will cover around 18.5 hectares in Beacon Hill, 23 hectares in Abasand, and three hectares in Wood Buffalo.

“Those trees are going to fall down one way or another so its to get them down before they do fall down on somebody.”

This project will also reduce the potential “fuel” for another fire.

Work is expected to start by late January – end sometime during the spring.

Meanwhile, some other projects happening in 2018 include Firebreak work in the Birchwood trails as the municipality continues to restore trails and reduce potential fuel as well as restoring damaged bike parks.

There are still lots of projects still being planned for well into the future including “Municipal Infrastructure Damage Repair.”

“That’s all the roads, curbs, sidewalks, and all those things that were damaged in the communities that were certainly the hardest hit but all the communities as a whole. It will take the longest to complete because of the ways the communities are rebuilding and we only get one shot at it so it’s important we don’t do it too early.”

Before the project can start, the Task Force is waiting for a damaged community to be roughly 80 per cent complete in their rebuilds.

Redshaw adds the biggest recovery projects, including the Municipal Infrastructure Damage Repair, haven’t started yet.

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