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Pizza Hut Driver Get’s Fired For Joke Made

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Pizza Hut Driver Get's Fired For Joke Made

The hashtag “Justice For Pizza Girl” is trending after a Pizza Hut delivery driver gets fired over a joke that was made on the pizza box! Warning: The joke is a little crude, and maybe offence to some! 

A Pizza Hut employee in Stafford, Virginia, is out of a job over a customer’s special request. The customer, said her two sons ― ages 12 and 15 ―  asked for a joke to be written on the pizza box when they placed an order online.

The Joke:
“What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynecologist have in common?” 

The Punch Line:
They both have to smell it, but neither of them get to eat it.”

The joke is being deemed ‘too crude,” so the mom complained to Pizza Hut and the girl is getting fired over the joke that was made, even through the customer requested for it!

The customer is now receiving a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter, people saying that it’s just a joke, it’s what she asked for and shouldn’t have gotten the girl fired over something so simple, and some people agreeing with the steps that Pizza Hut and the mom took.

The employee has called and apologized for the joke, and the costumer said that she hoped the worker wouldn’t get fired over the joke that was made. But the delivery drive was fried anyway.

My personally opinion: I don’t think it was the best to joke to be made, I personally would have gone with a witty pizza pun maybe, but I also don’t believe she should have gotten fried for the joke she did make!

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