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Tuesdays Netflix Binge! “A Christmas Prince”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Imagine if Tommy Wiseau’s The Room was a Christmas movie, that’s A Christmas Prince. This charmingly terrible movie is a hilarious way to spend the holidays.

A Christmas Prince follows a reporter named Amber on her mission to find all of the juicy details about the Aldovian Prince Richard. Initially, she arrives at the castle for a press event but when it is prematurely shut down she decides to sneak into the castle for her story. When she is almost immediately caught she pretends to be the new tutor for the young Princess Emily. This leads us down the most insane rabbit hole of political intrigue, romance, and near-international incidents while simultaneously coming across as teen comedy/drama. I’ve never seen a movie try to be so many things at once before and it makes A Christmas Prince both the worst and best movie on Netflix.

A Christmas Prince has a very strange plot that leans almost entirely on coincidence and people acting illogically and yet somehow manages to be more enjoyable than a majority of objectively good movies. If you are looking to have some family fun on Christmas eve there is no better movie to bring some hilarity and Christmas cheer than A Christmas Prince. I rate A Christmas Prince 3/10 but with that said I highly recommend it to anyone.

Here’s the trailer!


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