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YMM Airport Giving Tips for Holiday Travelers

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
YMM Airport Giving Tips for Holiday Travelers

With people across Wood Buffalo heading to different places to see family and friends for the holidays – the Fort McMurray International Airport is giving fliers some tips to ensure you have a smooth travel.

The airport is anticipating more travelers over the next couple of weeks – leading to some longer lineups for passengers.

Manager of Marketing, Communications, and Experience at the Fort McMurray International Airport Joanne Meredith tells Mix News the first step in making sure you have a safe, uneventful experience is to give yourself ample time to get through the airport.

“Really recommending everyone be in the check bag line an hour to an hour and a half ahead of time – the cutoff is 45 min but if you’re in that line at the 45 min mark, your bag is not gonna get on the flight.”

There are also changes to their screening system for this year which includes checking phones, i-pads, and laptops with cases on them.

Meredith says there is a possibility these items could be checked with the airport giving fliers a heads up to make sure you know how to take the case off or the item could be taken for precautionary reasons.

Also, people should also remember not to travel with any liquids and avoid bringing a toiletry bag in their carry-on.

One thing they’re hoping passengers avoid is pre-wrapping their gifts. Meredith notes they might have to unwrap the presents when going through security.

“If you do get a search of your packages randomly, they will have to unwrap your gifts so don’t wrap your gifts, bring your wrapping paper and stuff with you.”

If this does happen, airport staff will still help re-wrap the gifts, around peak times during the holiday season.

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