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Province’s $1.4B Package “Welcome News” for Fort McMurray Construction Association

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Province's $1.4B Package "Welcome News" for Fort McMurray Construction Association

A local organization believes the province’s recent $1.4 billion package for industry leaders will help more than just the big name companies.

The Fort McMurray Construction Association believes this could lead to more jobs across Fort McMurray, not just on-site.

Vice-President of the FMCA Keith Plowman tells Mix News they’re hoping that the creation of more jobs across the oilsands could lead to more people calling Fort McMurray their home.

“That’s what we’re hoping, as more investment comes in that it’s going to continue to expand and the downturn that we’ve been facing might turn around a little bit.”

According to the Alberta Construction Association around one of nine Albertan workers has a job in construction – amplified here in Fort McMurray with the rebuild and recovery expected to be in full swing for the foreseeable future.

A part of the funding will go towards innovating and creating industrial energy-efficiency projects.

Plowman says these projects will be a big boost for job creation.

“It sounds like there’s going to be new technology, refitting buildings, so there’s going to be some projects where the local people will be involved in some of that.”

He doesn’t have an expectation or estimate for the number of jobs it could create but believes these funds will help the economy which in return will create more opportunities for people.

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