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The Shortlist for TIME ‘Person Of The Year’

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TIME has narrowed it down to 10 people/things for the coveted “Person Of The Year” and for your convenience, I’ve compiled them all here. starting with…

1. Donald Trump

It turns out his lie about being approached for Person Of The Year and turning it down actually has a nugget of truth hidden in it. Donald Trump is being considered for being possibly one of the most influential people globally this year even if most of his influence has been people judging the United States for his Twitter feed.

2. Robert Mueller

While we are on the topic of Trump, Robert Mueller is on the shortlist for his work looking into the possible collusion with Russia to elect Donald Trump. Whether you believe Trump and his team are guilty or not you have to admit this case has been one of the most polarizing investigations in history.

3. Colin Kaepernick

I know nothing about Football and I know all about this guy. He’s become such a household name that everyone has an opinion about his actions. Colin Kaepernick is on the shortlist for beginning the kneeling NFL protests during the national anthem. The protest is to bring attention to police violence towards Black Americans but has been expanded to encompass all racial violence worldwide.

4. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is CEO of Amazon and this year became the worlds richest man and the first to have a net worth 12 digits long. For this reason, he has been put on the shortlist.

5. Kim Jong Un

Look, not all people of the year are good people alright? Kim Jon Un has been put on the shortlist for being one of the few people in a unique position to end the world as we know it by dropping nuclear weapons on the United States. It’s a dark as hell reason to be selected but you can’t say that you don’t know who he is!

6. #MeToo

#MeToo was launched shortly after the release of the Access Hollywood tape where (now president) Donald Trump says the infamous line “grab her by the p****.” The movement gives a voice to victims of sexual assault no matter how powerful the assaulter may be. It puts into perspective how pervasive of a problem sexual assault and harassment really are for people who likely have no lense to see the weight of the problem.

7. Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins has made the shortlist for directing the 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman. This is the first superhero film lead by a woman and the strong feminist message behind the film has likely changed cinema for years to come.

8. Xi Jinping

Was elected to lead Chinas Communist Party this year replacing Hu Jintao. He has made the shortlist for likely changing the political landscape of China and therefore it’s relationship with the rest of the world for far beyond the 5 years of his term.

9. Mohammed bin Salman

Mohammed bin Salman has made the shortlist by becoming the leader of one of the richest countries on the globe. He has been described as a visionary changing the face of the Arab Emirates but has also been described as rash and dangerously impulsive.

10. The Dreamers

The Dreamers are people who were brought into The United States as young children but are still undocumented immigrants. Dreamers are allowed to get jobs, pay taxes, and go to University. The Dreamers made the shortlist for fighting against a Republican initiative this year to repeal DACA. If DACA had been repealed people who had lived in the US for their entire lives would be deported to countries they had never been too.


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