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Merry Boobmas (and a Happy Boob Year?)

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Merry Boobmas (and a Happy Boob Year?)

For some reason there are a pile of articles going around about how “Rudolph Boobs” or “Reindeer Boobs” are THE ugly Christmas sweater trend of 2017. We have no idea why, because these sweaters seem to fly around the internet every year, since at least 2010. Perhaps men and women are just getting brave enough after years of *koff* exposure to try it themselves. And more power to ya! Who are we to say your yuletime yabbos should be kept under wraps? Here’s how it’s being done.


The easiest, and seemingly most common form of the reindeer boob sweater is the cut-out. There are any number of sizes and adornments to fully personalize your boob cut-out. (we even found a bizarre tutorial that uses stunt boobs. seriously.)


The other variation seems to be a full off-the-shoulder exposure. Doesn’t work as well for the traditional full-sleeve sweater, but it can be done. And will get noticed..


And despite boobs often coming in pairs, you don’t often see both on parade – particularly with a red nose as there is only one Rudolph on the team. However, that’s not to say that pairing up doesn’t happen.


And don’t believe for a moment that getting your knockers out for the holidays is an exclusively female activity. Fellas, feel free to show off those chestnuts with equal opportunity!


Wait a minute… this guys doesn’t even have a reindeer glued on. Come on. That’s just obscene.. Christmas is for kids!


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