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Dear David Update Part One!

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

The saga continues people!!!

The Dear David saga, that is, about a dead child haunting a man named Adam Ellis, who has kept followers updated about the spooky turn of events on Twitter. It all started back in early August when Ellis first tweeted about the dead child haunting his apartment. Now, he’s discovered a mysterious hatch in his ceiling.

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So just you know, and your kept update, this is what “Dear David” looks like!

The last time Ellis tweeted about Dear David was on November 6th. He reported finding mysterious dark photos on his phone that he doesn’t remember taking himself. Now, Ellis has checked in with a new installment of the saga, revealing that he’s discovered a mysterious hatch in his apartment. Which like in itself is super creepy…but this is where things get creepier!

It all began when he heard the sound of something falling above his head!

This were things get a little mathematical!

Like me, and probably everyone else that lived there, he assumed that the hatch led to the roof…nope home boy was very wrong!

Since then he’s been hearing some weird noises coming from that area!!!




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