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Municipality Working on Clearing Snow Throughout Weekend

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Municipality Working on Clearing Snow Throughout Weekend

Municipal crews will be working throughout the weekend to clear as much snow and ice as possible.

The first focus is clearing the route for the Santa Claus Parade happening downtown on Saturday. They are hoping to have these roads cleared and salted by Friday.

After work on the parade route, crews will work on clearing snow from all school zone areas.

Residential streets are expected to be finished on Friday.

Streets around Prospect Drive which were missed by the Winter Maintenance Zone due to rebuilding will have their streets cleared on Sunday.

During the weekend, sidewalks and transit shelters will have their snow removed, expecting to be finished before Monday. So far, the municipality has been able to clear around 70 per cent.

The municipality is also reminding people that the snow adjacent to their property, including windrows, is the residents’ responsibility to clear.

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