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Local Family Looking To Go To Court with Building Company Over Issues in Home

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Local Family Looking To Go To Court with Building Company Over Issues in Home

Ryan and Ashley Glover with their two kids Wyatt and Madelyn

In what was supposed to be a dream home has turned into a nightmare for a Fort McMurray family.

Ryan and Ashley Glover are looking to bring a local construction company, Cherrywood Homes, to court after facing years of problems around their home in Eagle Ridge.

They bought their newly constructed home back in 2014.

“We purchased a new build, everything was great,” said Ashley Glover.

By December of that year they started to notice moisture and ice building up around the windows in their home. They reached out to the company who said there seemed to be a problem with the locks, which they fixed.

More problems started to come to light during the following winter.

The Glover’s tell Mix News the windows were worse off, the patio door was accumulating ice, the baseboards were covered in ice, and for the first time, they found mold in their home.

They say they called their Warranty Coordinator who came to the house and found at the vapor barrier wasn’t properly sealed, later being fixed.

During this winter, their twin kids Wyatt and Madelyn were born.

‘We lived in Edmonton for a couple of months as they were in a NICU for a long time,” she added.

“When we got back, everything was such a commotion with them and being gone for so long that we didn’t notice a lot of things, like if there was ice anywhere else in the house, on baseboards.”

Shortly after, they started to notice that door to the basement was completely frozen over with the handle being “one big ball of ice.”

They say they once again called their warranty coordinator who said the door wasn’t insulated properly.

Cherrywood Homes continued to fix the problems in the home.

“They kept trying to do little fixes like we’ll fix the baseboards or we’ll fix the seals, they never looked into the real problems, just covering up, just a band-aid.”

In spring 2016, Ashley says she found mold in their spare room. They were using the room to keep their boxes of diapers which she adds eventually were stuck to the wall because of the mold.

They called the builders about the mold who came and cut out that piece of the wall and baseboards with the mold.

They eventually found out that the vapor barrier wasn’t sealed, the only problem Ashley says they admitted was their fault.

“They left it, they didn’t come back and fix it for a long time, and after we found that mold – I insisted that I wanted someone to come into the house, that was qualified, to do the infrared cameras, to see if there’s anywhere else where there’s heat loss or if the vapor barrier wasn’t sealed, if it could cause more mold.”

“Finally they came back and said they would rent the camera but the Glover’s canceled as their daughter became sick and was admitted to the hospital. ”

Wyatt and Madelyn were apparently getting sick quite often.

“Our kids were getting sick a lot, at least one infection every month, they would wake up in the middle of the night with nosebleeds in their cribs – we had no idea, we just thought it was because they were premature and when they were in the hospital they were on the breathing machines until they got big enough to develop and their lungs were good to go.”

She says they got clearance from the doctors at the hospital that the kids were “good and healthy” and could go home with them.

“After the first year, they kept getting sick, they were on nebulizers, steroids, and everything.”

They ended up going down to Edmonton to see a lung specialist for the kids. According to the Glover’s, the specialist said their sinuses and lungs were filled and he wouldn’t let them back in the house.

“He said your house is making them sick, the humidity in the house and of course the mold.”

After coming back, they found more mold in the spare room and under the carpets.

They note the company came back for a meeting and said the problems could be caused by the diapers being too close to the walls, couches too close to the walls, having a dresser over a vent, and not cooking with the windows open during the winter.

“Everything she said, she compared to her house – I don’t care about your house I care about my house.”

“We need air quality, we need mold people, we need everything in here before we can bring our children home.”

Cherrywood Homes has sent the following statement to Mix News:

“Cherrywood Homes has built over 2,000 homes in the Fort McMurray area over more than 25 years. We stand by, and continue to stand by our work and are committed to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their money.

“While we strive to do our best on each and every project, warranty concerns are identified by homeowners from time to time. That is the reality of the homebuilding business. In each and every case, we strive to address warrantable issues in a prompt, efficient and fair manner, often resulting in solutions that far exceed what is contractually required. Very rarely, we are unable to see eye to eye with a customer on who is responsible for those issues, and what those solutions ought to be.

“We are aware of the various new allegations being brought against us at present. We disagree with the characterization of the allegation and are disappointed that a choice has been made to advance those allegations through social media rather than channels that would allow a proper, complete, and productive resolution.”

Right now, the Glover’s are sharing a one-room apartment with Ashley’s parents. The two kids are sleeping on camping cots, Ashley on a couch, and Ryan on a recliner.

GoFundMe page has since been started by some of their family and friends looking to raise $25,000 to help cover mold remediation, cover their kid’s medical expenses, and to hire a company to drill in their basement to see if there is water building up.

Ashley says they’re not going to court to ask Cherrywood Homes for money but to hopefully have them fix the problems in the home

“We just want to go back into our home.”

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