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Winter Maintenance Zones Expected to be Activated on Monday

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Winter Maintenance Zones Expected to be Activated on Monday

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On-street parking will now be restricted for one-day a week during the winter.

The municipality is activating their Winter Maintenance Zone program for Monday if the forecasted snowfall expected over the weekend happens. If not, they will be relaxed for another week.

This program gives crews an easier time when clearing residential streets with snow on them.

This year, there will be major changes to dates and subzones.

The Monday and Tuesday zones are now being grouped together, while each WMZ will be split into four subzones. Also starting this year, if an area hasn’t received enough snow to be plowed, the zone will be relaxed allowing drivers to park on the streets during their designated days.

Municipal staff will also place stickers on affected “No Parking” signs if the WMZ has changed in the area.

If the WMZ’s are activated, on-street parking will not be available for one-day a week, depending on each zone, from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. To find out what zone and subzone you’re in, you can go to

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