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Wildfire Season Ends, Lowest Amount of Fires Since 2013

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Wildfire Season Ends, Lowest Amount of Fires Since 2013

Mopping up hotspots//Photo provided by Alberta Wildfire

The wildfire season is officially over and the numbers in our area for fires dwindled – compared to 2016.

Since March 1st, there have been 92 wildfires in the Fort McMurray Forest Area with 67 caused by lightning and the remaining 25 being human-caused.

According to Area Information Officer for Fort McMurray Forestry Lynn Daina, a total of 1,350 hectares burned – which was down from last year which was at 601,683, mostly due to the Horse River Wildfire.

She tells Mix News it was a completely different year.

“It was very warm, windy, leaves hadn’t come out on the deciduous trees yet where this year everything rolled along like you’d expect in the spring where it’s wet and the leaves are flush and the grass is green.”

Daina adds this was also the lowest amount of wildfires in a season since 2013 – where there were 93.

“Slightly lower than 2017, the spring was relatively wet so it kept the wildfire danger at a very low level at a time when it’s usually much higher, so we had good fortune of having some moisture this year.”

The average of hectares burnt over the past five years is 153,714 – averaging 116 wildfires per year with 84 being caused by lightning and 32 by people.

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