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Tuesdays Netflix Binge “Halloween Edition!”

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Looking for a spooky way to celebrate Halloween? Well, I’m not a horror movie guy but Jaryn Vecchio from the newsroom is and he helped me compile a list of 3 movies perfect for your Halloween festivities.  We have 1 new, 1 classic, 1 underrated.

New: It Follows

The first of Jaryns recommendations is “It Follows” After an innocent physical encounter Jay Height is cursed with visions and a feeling that something is following her. Unless she can pass on the curse, the supernatural being stalking her will take her life. Somehow she must choose who she will condemn to death and find a way to live with herself afterward.

Here’s the trailer!

Classic: The Fly

From the king of body-horror, David Cronenberg, Jaryn has chosen the 1986 film “The Fly” The film follows scientist Seth Brundle. Seth has been building a transportation device capable of moving living matter across distances. Upon trying it on himself a fly flies into the transporter. Needless to say, Seth will never be the same.

Here’s the trailer!

Underrated: The Host

The last film Jaryn has picked is “The Host”, it’s a foreign film from South Korea following a dysfunctional family. Each one of them has their issues but when a monster destroying Seoul takes one of the family members they come together to find a way to save her. We watch them overcome impossible odds against an almost Lovecraftian monster to save one of their own.

Here’s the trailer!

Hope you have a super spooky Halloween!


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