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The Best Wine To Pair With Halloween Candy!

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There maybe a shortage of wine this year but still doesn’t mean you can’t drink it! Listen, I get that this time can be stressful for parents, getting the costume, making sure it’s the one that they really want, then the candy, and then night of, and all the rude people that decide to mess with children’s candy, and then the fighting with your kids with how much they eat, I AM STRESSED JUST TYPING THAT!

Parents, don’t lie, be real with me, when your kids go to sleep you go into there bags and pick out the candy you love, so I have found the best wines to go with that candy, help you unwind!

We will start with my personal fave, the classic Reece Peanut Butter Cups. After all that is the #1 candy parents will steal from their kids this year. So what are we drinking with it? A nice Sherry, (Spain). The raisin, caramel and almond flavors enhance the creamy peanut butter filling.

Crunch Bar/Snickers or Kit Kat: Any Zinfandel  – Sweet raspberry and strawberry flavors really bring out the crunchy milk chocolate goodness.

Sour Patch Kids or Nerds: Any type of Riesling. A mouth-puckering Riesling with sweet and sour notes of green apples, apricots and honey make for a seamless match with Sour Patch Kids.

Butterfinger: Malbec (argentina) The main fruit flavors in a glass of Argentine Malbec are blackberry, plum, and black cherry; a prefect match for your Butterfinger!

You’re welcome!

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