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Ward 3 Gets New Face on Council, Ward 4 Gets Experience

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Ward 3 Gets New Face on Council, Ward 4 Gets Experience

Ward 4 Councillor Jane Stroud (Left) and Ward 3 Councillor Sheila Lalonde (Right)

The RMWB officially has its new mayor and council and for residents living in Ward 3 – they have a brand new face to help voice the concerns of Saprae Creek and Draper.

On Tuesday, Sheila Lalonde was sworn into public office after beating her competitor Brad Lucier by just 19 votes.

She is replacing former Councillor Allan Vinni who ran for mayor of the RMWB but was defeated by Don Scott.

Lalonde tells Mix News she’s still shocked and surprised she was elected but is eager to get work with her new colleagues.

“It’s a lot of work going forward but the few meetings we have had as a group – we seem to all be on the same page, we’re actually in the same book and on the same page so we’re starting off on the right foot.”

She says her main priority for her Ward will be to help fix the roads in both communities.

“In Saprae it’s mostly the roads and sewers because they keep tearing them up and in Draper it’s the whole bylaw issues, what they call a road – it’s not, it’s a cow path that’s slime when you’re driving on it and I have to put my vehicles in four wheel drive.”

Work on the Rural Water, Sewer, and Road Rehabilitation project is underway in all of the southern rural areas except for Draper which is slated to start in April 2018.

As for Ward 4, their representative is a familiar face.

Jane Stroud was re-elected for her third term representing the communities of Anzac, Gregoire Lake Estates, Janvier, and Conklin.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Stroud told Mix News she wanted to come back as there was unfinished work that needed to be done.

“I want to see them to fruition, there’s other items that we need to work on which is collaborating with industry and the province with Bill 21 and Bill 8.”

Some of the other projects she wants to see finished are the aforementioned Rural Water, Sewer, and Road Rehabilitation Project, the Anzac Fire Hall, and the Conklin Multiplex.

Over the next four-years she will be putting a main focus on the community of Conklin.

“Conklin is struggling, they’re inundated with industry and their present community hall is past repair so we need to see more vitality  within the community and I believe this complex will bring that community together.”

Joining Stroud and Lalonde on Wood Buffalo’s council will be Mayor Don Scott.

The Ward 1 Councillors are Jeff Peddle, Krista Balsom, Phil Meagher, Keith McGrath, Mike Allen, and Verna Murphy.

The Ward 2 Councillors are Claris Voyageur and Bruce Inglis.

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