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13 Superstitions for Friday the 13th

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13 Superstitions for Friday the 13th

Some of these superstitions are held by folks all year round, but yer doubling down on the bad luck if it happens on a Friday the 13th. Right?


1. Ladders (don’t walk under on leaning on a wall)

2. Mirrors (don’t break one!)

3. Spilling Salt (if you do, toss some over your shoulder)

4. Umbrellas Indoors (why do you even need to?)

5. Numbers (4, 9 in some countries, 13)

6. 13th Floor (just because it isn’t labelled “13”…)

7. Flying in a Plane (still the safest way to travel)

8. Breathing While Passing a Cemetary (also a fun road trip game)

9. Being Born on Friday 13th (you’re screwed now!)

10. Getting Married on Friday 13th (but it’ll be cheaper!)

11. Cutting Your Hair on Friday 13th (apparently it’ll bring bad fortune)

12. Paths and Black Cats (is it that you don’t cross theirs? or don’t let them cross yours? what if you own a black cat? is that good luck?)

13. Funeral Processions (means you’re next)

Don’t worry, though. You can always break any fresh bad luck you encounter by spinning around 7 times. BUT MAKE SURE YOU SPIN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION OR YOU’LL TRIPLE IT.




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