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Rise Against Hunger Event Packages Over 58,000 Meals in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Rise Against Hunger Event Packages Over 58,000 Meals in Fort McMurray

The first “Rise Against Hunger” event in Fort McMurray fell short of its goal but was still able to package thousands of meals for the less fortunate around the world.

Back in late September, the global organization held the RMWB’s inaugural event – coinciding with the Rotary Conference at Shell Place.

The goal was to package over 100,000 meals but due to a lack of volunteers, delayed starts, and contaminated food – the group was only able to make 58,700 meals.

“I would have liked to see a 100,000 but for the Rise Against Hunger’s perspective – we’re feeding people and 58,000 is a lot more than they had before,” said Brad Lucier, Rotarian and Volunteer.

He notes the number of volunteers were lower than they had hoped for with many who did show up, arriving late. Volunteers were only given two-days to package the meals – which consisted of soy, dry vegetables, a micro-nutrient packet, and rice.

Before packaging started, the group also discovered that much of the rice was contaminated. Different stores across Fort McMurray helped the group get 230 – 50 pound bags of rice.

“The bad rice, we donated that to Dunvegan Garden for their livestock feed and any of the food that was left over – we donated to the Food Bank,” added Lucier.

He believes they were able to donate over 1,000 pounds of food to the WBFB.

As for the meals, they will be sent to different parts of Africa and the Caribbean.

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