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Ghost In School!

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

So there was this one time in high school, I was going on a trip to Vancouver with my dance class, we had to be at the school for 5am (that sucked)! I mean anytime at school outside school hours, is creepy, but at 5 am, it’s beyond creepy! So we get to school and my best friend left her luggage in her locker so she didn’t have to bus with it that early in the morning, so we went to her locker, on the other side of the school from the meeting place for the bus. Keep in mind that it’s early in the morning, so it’s not only dark outside, but it’s dark in the hallways. So we reach her locker, and she is getting her stuff, my back is to the other side of the hallway, which is pitch black! My friend said she some a flash of light at the end of that hallway, i didn’t see it so I just assumed it was a car driving by or a light not really working. Until she yells “What the heck the that” and I kid you not, I turn around and we see a glowing figure of a man or something walking towards us…I don’t think we ran that fast ever, ad of course no one believed us!

There is a school that caught, what seems to be a very mad ghost on camera and I so wish someone caught the ghost we saw on camera too!

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