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Alberta Government Releases Proposed Cannabis Framework

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

If or when marijuana is legalized – you will most likely need to be 18 to purchase or consume in Alberta.

On Wednesday, the provincial government released its proposed Cannabis Framework plan giving Albertans a chance to learn more about the possible restrictions and responsibilities they will need to follow in order use the recreational drug.

The proposed minimum age would be the same as purchasing alcohol and tobacco – making it easier for police officers to enforce.

“While we know some people under 18 will continue to use cannabis, we may deter some from trying it and thereby help protect them from health risks associated with the consumption of cannabis by young people,” said the framework.

People would be able to carry 30 grams of dried cannabis in public, on par with the federal legislation, while consumption would be allowed at home and in the same public spaces smoking tobacco is permitted.

Growing marijuana would be allowed indoors, up to four plants.

Meanwhile, the Alberta government will also be looking to work with labour groups and employers to address safety concerns with the potential of having marijuana in the workplace.

All these ideas came after multiple engagement opportunities with Albertans.

On June 2, 2017, the GOA launched their Alberta Cannabis Website noting it received more than 180,000 page views in the first two months. Through the website, around 45,000 also participated in a survey where they could share their thoughts on legalization.

The provincial government says one of the biggest concerns they heard from residents was impaired driving.

In response, they will look to restrict cannabis use in vehicles, even for passengers, and will follow under the same restrictions as alcohol with the potential for added rules.

“We will review all aspects of the system to ensure those tools can also address impairment by cannabis, and we will work with workplaces and law enforcement to put in place any new tools required,” the framework said.

The Federal Government has said legalization is expected by July 2018.

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