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NEW TRAILER! “Marvel’s The Punisher”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

He was one of the main antagonists for the first bit of Dare Devil Season 2 and now he is going solo. Netflix finally gave us a trailer for The Punisher and it looks fantastic!

He finally looks more like the one I loved from the comics with the big white skull on his shirt. Frank Castle was easy to like is Daredevil and quickly became a fan favourite so I’m excited to see him in his own solo adventure. We got to see Karen Paige in the trailer a few times and if you remember from Dare Devil Season 2 *SPOILER ALERT* she takes an immediate interest in Frank Castles case and it is heavily implied multiple times that she has killed someone in the past as an act of vengeance. Her thinking seems to be that if Frank is evil for killing someone in vengeance then she must be evil too. I’m hoping we get to see this explored further in “The Punisher” and maybe even see who it was that she killed.

What do you think?


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