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FMPSD Mulling Name Change Of Composite High School

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
FMPSD Mulling Name Change Of Composite High School

Composite High School may be undergoing a name change in the near future.

The Fort McMurray Public School District is launching a community consultation after re-visioning sessions involving students, parents and current and former staff.

The new name would be in conjunction of the modernization currently underway at the school.

FMPSD Superintendent Doug Nicholls tells Mix News this woudn’t be the first time a school in the district has been renamed.

“We now have up to 300 students attending Frank Spragins,” Nicholls said. “Tremendous number of graduate’s year after year and it’s been a real success story. Certainly, the board has no regrets changing that name several years ago and at this point, the board is supportive of the name change for Composite because of all these supporting factors.”

Considered names would need to have some affiliation to education, be it a famous Albertan, a local community member – past or present, a location of geographical significance or through some other historical significance.

Nicholls says if the school does get renamed, the change would likely come for the 2019 school year.

“The board, after hearing previous feedback, thought the timing was right to look at rebranding the school, re-visioning it and thought perhaps if the name change were to occur, it would happen along with the modernization.”

Despite undergoing major renovations, Nicholls also points out the importance of tradition – which is why regardless of the change, the school’s mascot will remain, “Mike the Miner.”

“Mix the future with the past,” Nicholls stated. “There’s tremendous tradition with the Miners. So, the Miners will not be negotiable, the Miners will remain and we think that is an important of the information people need to know. Once a Miner, always a Miner – that will still be there.”

The final name will be selected by a Name Advisory Committee who will present recommendations to the districts Board of Trustees.

October 6 is the deadline for nomination submissions.

The official name will be announced on November 29 at the Board of Trustees Public Meeting.

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