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Crayola Just Named Their New Crayon And It’s Ridiculous

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

It was a dramatic few days when Crayola retired the long loved colour “Dandelion Yellow” back in March. When Crayola showed us the colour that would be replacing it we are all pretty underwhelmed.

"Oh wow... It's blue..." -The Entire Internet

“Oh wow… It’s blue…” -The Entire Internet

Crayola asked the internet to name the new blue crayon and boy did they deliver. The new and exciting name is “Bluetiful” it manages to be the best and worst crayon name I have ever heard all at the same time. They even gave it her a bio on their website. (Yes, they gave the crayon a gender too.)



I guess we are just lucky the internet didn’t name it “Bluey McBlueface” right?


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