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What’s NEWsday Tuesday – Sept 12, 2017

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What's NEWsday Tuesday - Sept 12, 2017

It’s Tuesday, time to break it down! Here’s the new new and the fresh fresh for the week.




First up is the Tom Cruise-injected reboot of The Mummy that was supposed to do a whole lot more to set up the Universal Studios “Dark Universe” of movie monster.. well, movies. Better luck with the next next reboot.


You’ve also got the release of the CGI adaptation of the beloved Captain Underpants books. And they’re calling this “The First Epic Movie” so expect more in the future.


And the horror movie season is ramping up in theatres ahead of October, but the first signs of the trend on DVD and Blu-Ray can also be seen. It Comes at Night is freshly released today.




Is a slow week for major albums dropping, but there is a new set of songs from Death From Above 1979 this week. Truly truly truly outrageous.




People are only starting to come up for air from the big release of Destiny 2, but PC gamers have got Thursday to look forward to. The co-op adventure sequel Divinity: Original Sin 2 is going to eat up some hours.




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