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Keyano College Receives $720K For Mental Health Supports

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Keyano College Receives $720K For Mental Health Supports

Brandy Payne, Associate Minister of Health (left), Kayla Spencer, Chair of Student Mental Health Committee (centre-left), Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education (centre-right), and Tracy Edwards, President and CEO (right) // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

Keyano College is getting $720,000 from the Government of Alberta to help with their mental health programs.

On Tuesday, Minister of Advanced Education Marlin Schmidt was at the college where he announced the funding for $240,000 each year, over the next three years. This money is a part of the governments $25.8 million fund which looks at improving mental health resources for post-secondary students.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from students that supporting mental health resources is a priority,” said Schmidt. “It represents a near tripling we’ve invested student mental health supports in the past.”

Over the last four years, Keyano was given $160,000 from the Alberta Students’ Executive Support.

Schmidt notes the province is still in ongoing talks with all colleges and universities about what the funds could exactly be used for.

Keyano College President and CEO Tracy Edwards says the goal is to build a “far-reaching wellness program.”

“Our program will be more than intervention based supports but will also be proactive to enhance education and understanding.”

Edwards adds the college is already reorganizing some of its departments to further support the mental health needs of its students.

Part of the changes include increasing access to clinical services on campus, continued support for students formally identified with special educational needs, and hiring two full-time Mental Health Coordinators.

According to the college, the reorganization also means bringing together and changing the name of some departments within the school. Disability Services will become Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services staff will continue to include an Adaptive Technology Specialist, one Learning Strategist and one Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Support position.

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