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AHS Website Helps Parents Manage Common Childhood Illnesses

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
AHS Website Helps Parents Manage Common Childhood Illnesses

If you’re a parent, Alberta Health Services is reminding you of a new online tool which can help you manage common childhood illnesses and injuries that may not require treatment in an emergency department.

Last September, AHS launched the Health Education and Learning website.

Here, parents can find information about different illnesses such as a cold, fever, or rashes.

Registered Nurse Stephen Page tells Mix News the hope is families can learn more about a symptom that concerns them before going to see a doctor.

“If their child has a rash, they can click on the rash and it’ll bring up a page that’s got different contents of what are rashes, common rashes, when to seek medical advice, and what they can try at home.”

Page adds the website isn’t a substitute for a doctor, just a way to better inform parents.

“So we’re hoping if they’re able to go to the site they can say ‘okay, this is a particular item that concerns me,’ then they come in and we have a basis of conversation.”

The provincial website has already found its way to Toronto with more updates expected in the near future.

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