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5 Ridiculously Important Things People Have Managed To Lose

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You know how you feel when you lose your phone? Take that feeling, times it by one million and that’s how it would’ve felt to be the person who lost any of the things on this list.

1. Multiple Fabergé Eggs


These eggs are famous for being absurdly expensive. Between 50 and 69 were created by Peter Carl Fabergé for Russian Royalty. The problem is that we only know where 43 of them actually are. Each one of these are priced at $33 million which means there is a potential $726 million worth of shiny egg out there that no one can find. If you manage to find one you’ll be set for life, so that’s exciting.

2. 5000 Roman Soldiers


On a list of things you don’t want to lose, people should be pretty high up on that list but somehow the Roman Empire managed to lose an entire Legion in 120AD. All we know is that the Legio IX Hispana made up of 5000 Roman Soldiers marched into what would become Great Britain and were never heard from again. Lots of Historians have theories about what happened to them but for an Empire as good at book keeping as the Romans, it’s a little ridiculous to lose that many people.

3. The Original Moon Landing Footage

For people who think the moon-landing was fake, this tends to be their smoking gun (Ignoring the fact that the radio signals from Apollo 11 were heard all over the world and that the USSR would have immediately called out America if they didn’t detect the moon landing with their satellites.) Rumour has it that a NASA employee taped over the recording, robbing the world of one of the most important videos in human history.

4. The Amber Room


The Amber Room was built for Tsar Peter The Great of Russia (What’s with Russia and losing super expensive stuff?) The Room was made almost entirely of amber covered with expensive jewels. The room was taken apart by the Nazis when they sacked Catherine Palace and shipped to an undisclosed Castle in Nazi territory. That’s all we know. It could have been destroyed in an air raid or it could be sitting in some Billionaires Scrooge McDuck style vault. We’ll probably never know for sure.

5. Nuclear Weapons

Yup! You read that right. Humanity has managed to lose a ridiculous amount of world ending weapons and we have no clue how many are just sitting out there waiting to be used by some super villain. The United States has lost enough nuclear weapons that they came up with a codename for it, “Empty Quiver.” Some were lost in planes that crashed into the ocean which are incredibly hard to find but when the Soviet Union fell apart many former Soviet countries had secret missile silos that were likely never recovered. At any moment someone could stumble upon a secret cache of Nuclear Weapons in the Ukraine and destroy the world. So… I guess try not to think about it too much?


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