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Star Wars Episode 8 Sneak Peeks!

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

The internet has been scrambling at the chance to see any information about the upcoming star Wars Episode 8. Recently 2 new sneak peaks have been dug up.

1. A New Darker Luke

We are used to seeing Jedi in the series dressed in white or beige or at the very darkest brown. Turns out after the personal tragedies we discover in Episode 7 Luke has moved to a much darker style. Mark Hamill himself released a picture from the cover of a Hungarian Magazine looking almost sith-like.

Some people are theorizing that Luke has moved to the Dark Side which is why he looks so menacing in this picture but I really hope he hasn’t. I’m looking forward to Luke being Rey’s mentor.

2. Evil BB8 

We have seen BB8’s evil twin BB-9E in a Lego set but thanks to Sphero’s remote control BB-9E we get to see what he will look like in the movie.


You can tell this one is the evil one because he’s painted black, has a red eye, and has super scary edges. They clearly didn’t put a lot of thought into BB-9E outside of “he’ll be the evil one” but I’m looking forward to an adorable fight scene with BB8 and BB-9E bumping into each other.

Star Wars Episode 8 hits theatres on December 15th. Here’s the latest trailer.

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