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“Goofy” Videos Helping Residents with Mental Health

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

A local teacher is looking to raise the spirits of everyone in town using his best medicine, laughter.

Keith Muise, a special needs teacher at Holy Trinity High School, has been making funny videos on his Facebook account – 80’s Summer Camp – hoping to help with people’s mental health.

Since the wildfire, many different videos have been circulating across social media gaining positive responses from many residents.

Muise tells Mix News his goofy attitude started as way to battle his depression but quickly changed to a tool to help people still struggling from the evacuation.

“Most of the messages I’m getting from people is you’re doing awesome, keep going with it, keep making us laugh, keep being positive.”

In his opinion, mental health is even more important than physical health.

‘If you’re feeling depressed, if your feeling down, it’s a lot harder to get over things, to get up and go through your day, if you can’t get out from under those dark clouds.”

Going by the old saying “laughter is the best medicine,” Muise says a good laugh can go along way in making someone’s day much better.

“There’s a lot of stress going around and I just said, okay that’s it – I’m just going to go out and pound out as many videos as I can, as many positive posts as I can, I’m going to message as many people and say hey, how’s your day going,” he added. “I just want it to help alleviate some of that stress.”

Meanwhile, Muise has plans to shoot some more videos in the coming days including an “outdoor survival specialist” video in Anzac. He’s hoping members of the public will join him in the videos, stay behind the scenes, or any other job.

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