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Fort McMurray and St. Albert Scouts Team Up to Plant Hundreds of Seedlings

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Fort McMurray and St. Albert Scouts Team Up to Plant Hundreds of Seedlings

One of 850 seedlings being planted by Fort McMurray and St. Albert scouts // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

Over 800 seedlings are being planted in the Birchwood trails.

On Saturday, scouts from Fort McMurray and the 12th St. Albert Scouts took time from their weekend to help plant some trees in Timberlea. This was part of a grant given to the St. Albert scouts by Tree Canada who asked the organization last year to help plant seedlings.

Ten-year old Skylar Shea was one of 12 kids who took the journey up from St. Albert. She tells Mix News after hearing about the wildfire – she wanted to help anyway she could.

“I felt sorry as they were going through the fire and I thought it was a great idea to plant trees since most burnt down in the fire and we need trees for air.”

Shea notes she was surprised to see how green Fort McMurray truly is.


Meanwhile, the day started in Waterways where three symbolic trees were planted in the J. Howard Pew Memorial Park. The first, a Hot Wings Maple to represent Canada, followed by a Lodgepole Pine symbolizing Alberta and finished with a Paper Birch for First Nations.

“Trees are a symbol of hope, regrowth, and rebuilding so it really fits with what we really want to do here, we want to help the community rebuild,” added Scout Leader Isobel Shea.

In total, 850 seedlings were planted, all types native to the area, such as, poplar, aspen, spruce, dogwood , and the wild rose.

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