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The Dumbest “Smart” Gadgets

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The whole point of a smart gadget is to make life easier. To take a normally boring object and make it more streamlined and functional through the magic of technology. Sometimes though, companies don’t understand what makes a smart gadget smart and they try to sell things that make zero sense.

1. The Quirky Egg Minder


This device holds all of your eggs instead of leaving them in the carton in the fridge. It then connects to your phone so that you always know exactly how many eggs you have. Or you could just look in the fridge and save yourself $48.

2. Smart Salt Dispenser 


You know when you are putting salt on your meal but then you panic because you aren’t sure what the optimum amount of salt is? No? Well, the people who made this smart gadget think that’s a super common occurrence. The Smart Salt Dispenser is Amazon Alexa enabled (for some reason) and can be set to pour, shake, or pinch. Plus it glows. I’m just not sure it’s worth $99.

3. Smart Water Bottles


You know how when you need a drink you get thirsty? Well, apparently the people who make these don’t think your body knows when it wants water. There are tonnes of these from all different companies ranging in price from $50 to $75 but all of them do the same thing. Send you notifications on your phone to tell you when to drink based on your age, weight, the climate, even for some like Blufit it tracks the humidity in the air. On paper it sounds neat but, you could just drink when you’re thirsty like a normal person and save your money.

4. Umrella Here: Smart Umbrella


This one may be the one I hate the most. It’s an umbrella with a light at the top. If you turn on the light it’s supposed to signal people that you are willing to have someone else under your umbrella. It even comes with an app to stay in contact with people you’ve shared an umbrella with. I guess the idea is to make friends or even find a relationship by having an umbrella. Or you could save your money and just invite people to walk under your umbrella. If you like them then ask for their number. You know, like a normal person without a glowing umbrella.

5. Genican Smart Garbage Can


You hang it off the side of your garbage can so that whenever you throw something out you can hold it awkwardly so it can scan its barcode. It then adds that item to a grocery list on its app (because of course, it’s Bluetooth enabled.) Plus it can send you a notification when you need to empty the garbage in case you couldn’t tell when you put something in there last. Seems like it’s just adding steps for no reason but if your willing to blow $150 on it then that’s up to you.






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