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5 People Who Should Play The Joker In His Origin Movie

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There are tons of actors who could portray him perfectly from Willem Dafoe to Christoph Waltz but for his origin story, The Joker will be young. We can’t know how young just yet but let’s assume under 30. Who are some younger actors who could kill that role?

1. Zac Efron

"At Any Price" New York Premiere - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

Look, I know we’re starting in a weird place with the former High School Musical star but just hear me out. Right now he’s working on a Ted Bundy biopic. Ted Bundy is a serial killer who was charged with 36 murders but the real number could be in the hundreds. Ted Bundy was described as charming and articulate and if Efron can pull of this role I think he would be perfect for The Joker.

2. Freddie Highmore


In the comics, it’s hinted at that The Joker showed psychopathic tendencies at a young age and Freddie already knows how to play a very effective young psychopath. We could see The Joker develop into a murderer slowly much like we saw with Norman Bates in Bates Motel. The only drawback is that Freddie Highmore is one of the least menacing people I have ever seen.

3. Bill Skarsgård


I know he’s playing a killer clown in “It” already but I think Bill would be perfect for The Joker. In all his roles he’s leaned heavily into the fact that he is just naturally menacing. Hopefully, if he lands the role he leans into the personality of Roman Godfrey in “Hemlock Grove.” He ticked all the boxes for a budding psychopath in that show and I think those skills could translate really well into The Joker.

4. Jack Gleeson


If there’s anyone who comes to mind when you say “young psychopath” it’s Joffrey Baratheon. We saw the child king brutally murder and torment his subjects relentlessly and I truly believe those skills could translate incredibly well into a young Joker. The only problem is that he said after Joffrey died in Game Of Thrones he would retire from the industry entirely. Hopefully, he doesn’t because let’s be honest. The fact that you hate him so much is why he’s such an incredible actor.

5. Cole Sprouse


Right now he is playing a dark and brooding teen in “Riverdale” as Jughead. His character fits many of the symptoms of psychopathy and if he leaned a little bit further into that he could do an amazing job being a young Joker. Let’s be honest, it crossed your mind that he could have been the killer in “Riverdale” so is it really a stretch to imagine him as the clown prince of crime?

Who do you think should play The Joker? Let me know in the comments!


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